Culture and environment

a lovely city which lies in southeast Gansu is the cradle of Chinas ancient culture, Fuxi, the first emperor in legendary time of ancient Chinese history was born in Tianshui, and perhaps benefacted by this, the climate in Tianshui is quiet attractive, without sweltering high temperature in summer, no frosty and cold time in winter. The average temperature is about 10, and the annual rainfall is between 450-740mm, the warm and humid climate makes Tianshui the largest apple production base in northwest China.

Basic information of the company

Tianshui Great Wall Fruit Juice & Beverage Co., Ltd (hereinafter called GWJ), is established in Tianshui in Jun 8, 2001, funded by Lanzhou Great Wall Electrical Engineering Inc. (listed Inc). GWJ is the state demonstration enterprise for agricultural industrialization, and the largest fruit juice processing enterprise in Gansu province. With the registered capital of 40 million Yuan, GWJ is mainly engaged in producing and distributing concentrated fruit, apple juice concentrate as leading product has been globally exported to 18 countries and regions. GWJ always adhere to: satisfy our partners, satisfy our staff, and satisfy the society, with this concept, GWJ makes all effort in providing clean plant environment, high efficient production line and convenient accommodation.

Advanced manufacture equipments and lab instruments

From the beginning of her establishment, GWJ insisted on high production standard. All the production equipments were introduced from well-known juice equipment manufacturers including: Bucher Guyer, Bellmar, Tetra-Pak, etc... In order to conduct just-in-time supervision, 24-hour electronic monitoring is applied to production lines. In 2007, with the aim to further strengthen the inspection of her products, GWJ made a large investment in purchasing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer from Thermo Electron Corporation USA, and 2100N Turbidity Meter, Abbed refractometer and other equipments from HACH (USA).

Quality control from the source

In order to ensure product safety, apart from advanced facilities, GWJ also attachs great importance to fruit planting, every year, a number of professionals are sent to orchards to provide technical support, to inspect and supervise, in order to obtain comprehensive knowledge of soil structure, water, pesticide and fertilizer, etc..., to collect fruit samples, in order to determine the safety areas as raw material bases.


GWJ focus on implementation of good manufacturing practice, HACCP, ISO9001, KOSHER has been adopted to each facility. GWJ is also member of SGF. Because of her great contribution to farmers and local economy, GWJ have been awarded numerous diplomas by local and provincial governments.

Environmental protection

Previously, large amount of piles of marc generated from juice extracting was deemed to be black sheep in local people mind, because the fermentation emanate very unpleasant odor and breed a lot of flies and mosquitoes, after repeated experiment and innovation, GWJ explored the method and formula to change marc into refined feedstuff. So far, considerable benefits are achieved economically and environmentally.

Name of the Company:


Legal Representative: Mao Jianguang

Establishment Date: Jun 8, 2001

Address: Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Xiaquwan, Maiji District, Gansu, China

TEL: 086-938-2690503

FAX: 086-938-2690506




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